Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management services ensure that your ad spend is at its most efficiency; OPCODO can help.


Optimised Keywords

OPCODO selects the best performing keywords for your business; balancing cost & relevance. Our in depth research allows us to optimise your ad spend for the highest amount of new clients.

Instant Results

Unlike other marketing strategies, PPC allows you to see results instantly. Once the campaign is live, users will be driven to your site in a matter of hours; this provides an instant boost in revenue and business.

Targeted Prospects

PPC advertising allows you to hone in on your ideal customer and target them when they are looking for your service. Very few other marketing channels allow this level of targeting and control.


Expert Copy

OPCODO uses talented writers to produce effective copy for your adverts. Through increasing the quality of the adverts, we lower overall costs to you as a company & increase potential conversions.

Looking to increase your business revenue online?

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Instantly target potential customers

The ideal Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign improves the way potential customers view your business, drives targeted traffic to your site and ultimately increases revenue. Our PPC management service creates campaigns that do just this, as well as improving Return on Investment (ROI) and increasing the volume of targeted traffic a site will receive. It is important to pick the right ad platform, as well as the correct keywords that will be targeted; a skilled PPC marketer eliminates the need for you to waste money on finding the right formula for your business.

What is our process?

  • We sit down with you to find out more about your company
  • We integrate into your existing sales funnel
  • We pick the right platform & brainstorm keywords based on your goals
  • We optimise & split test your landing pages for maximum conversions
  • We provide reports based on how your ads are performing

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